Japanese craftsmanship enters a new creative era!

Much more than just a shop or a producer of decorative items, Dejima is a meeting point between Japanese artisans with great heritage and skills and a new generation of international artists.

Through a curated selection of unique homewares and gifts, Dejima offers a creative and contemporary vision of Japanese craftsmanship.

A meaningful name

Built in the 17th century in the bay of Nagasaki, the artificial island of Dejima was the only place of exchange between Japan and Europe for over 200 years.

A bridge between cultures, reflected even in its distinctive arch shape, the island and its history symbolise the spirit of the brand.

A fresh pespective

Each collection produced by the brand reinterprets classic Japanese items and traditions through new ideas and techniques. By fostering a new economic and creative ecosystem, Dejima contributes to supporting local crafts in an increasingly competitive international context and, in doing so, intends to preserve rural areas from desertification.

It all starts in Arita

All Dejima ceramics are designed in close collaboration with porcelain producer Kihara in Arita, the oldest porcelain production centre in Japan.

Several times per year, creative residencies are conducted to allow artists to meet the artisans, visit the workshops, and explore surrounding areas.